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Emoji er et ideogram eller et smilefjes som benyttes i elektroniske meldinger eller på nettsider. Ordet kommer fra det japanske ordet emoji (絵文字), som i sin tur er satt sammen av ordene e (bilde) og moji (tegn); det kan dermed oversettes til norsk som «bildetegn».. Emojier blir ikke bare brukt til å illustrere tekstmeldinger, men også å til uttrykke følelser This is a list of notable and commonly used emoticons, or textual portrayals of a writer's moods or facial expressions in the form of icons.Originally, these icons consisted of ASCII art, and later, Shift JIS art and Unicode art.In recent times, graphical icons, both static and animated, have joined the traditional text-based emoticons; these are commonly known as emoji Wikimedia Commons hosts a collection of freely-licensed emoji sets: Noto Color Emoji (version Pie), Noto Color Emoji (version Oreo), Noto Color Emoji (version Nougat), Noto Color Emoji (version Lollipop), Noto Color Emoji (version KitKat) and Android Emoji (the original black & white set) from Google, Twemoji 1, Twemoji 2 and Twemoji 12 from Twitter, EmojiOne 1, EmojiOne 2, and EmojiOne 2. Emoticons is a Unicode block containing emoticons or emoji. Most of them are intended as representations of faces, although some of them include hand gestures or non-human characters (a horned imp, monkeys, cartoon cats).. The block was first proposed in 2008, and first implemented in Unicode version 6.0 (2010)

Emojis.Wiki — Emoji Meanings Encyclopedia. Full collection of Emojis for iOS, Android and other devices. Emoji Meanings, Examples of using, ‍♀️ Combinations and more! Easy to Search, Copy & Paste Latest News iOS 14.2 Emoji Changelog Mask Wearing Emoji Now Smiles First Look: New Emojis in iOS 14.2 217 New Emojis In Final List For 2021 Samsung One UI 2.5 Emoji Changelog When are the 2020 Emojis Coming to iPhone? Android 11.0 Emoji Changelog Now Anyone Can Feed a Bab Copy and paste emojis for Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Instagram, Snapchat, Slack, GitHub, Instagram, WhatsApp and more. Use Emoji Classic on older systems. People • Animals • Food • ⚽️ Activities • Travel • Objects • Symbols • ️‍ Flag

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  4. Existing emojis remain static on the emoji keyboard, and when used within text. The following characters are available for animation using Animoji in iOS 11 and above: Alien Cat Face Chicken Dog Face Fox Face Monkey Face Panda Face Pig Face Pile of Po
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An emoticon (/ ɪ ˈ m oʊ t ɪ k ɒ n / , ə- MOH -tə-kon , rarely pronounced / ɪ ˈ m ɒ t ɪ k ɒ n /), short for emotion icon, also known simply as an emote , is a pictorial representation of a facial expression using characters —usually punctuation marks , numbers, and letters—to express a person's feelings or mood, or as a time-saving method. Early emoticons were the precursors. Facebook emojis appear for users of the Facebook website, Messenger for web, and Messenger for Android. Facebook apps for iOS and Android use native emojis for their respective platform instead of Facebook's own emoji images. As of March 2019, Facebook supports the Transgender Pride Flag emoji

Emojis may look different across platforms. Every web service, OS or gadgets' manufacturer may create Emojis design according to their own corporate style and vision. Here you can check out how Cat Emoji looks like on most popular platforms: Facebook Smileys Symbols ㋡ ㋛ ☺ ☹ ☻ 〠 シ ッ ツ ヅ Ü Ѷ 〲 〴 ϡ ジ シ ツ ﭢ ت ⍡ ⍢ ⍣ ⍤ ⍥ ⍨ ⍩ ὃ ὕ ὣ ё ӓ ӟ ӛ Ӛ ӧ ӱ ӭ. Emoji Meaning The unique, feathery ice crystal of a snowflake. Depicted as a bluish-white snowflake with six, intricate, symmetrical branches. Like ️ Cloud With Snow, may be used as Issues. Support among domain name registrars for emoji domains is limited.. It has been speculated that emoji domains, especially on mobile devices, may be used to lure victims into phishing scams.. Another problem is that emojis can look different depending on the operating system, applications, and fonts used. Not all browsers support emoji domains

Unicode er et tegnsett som har som formål å skape et standard tegnsett for alle datamaskiner som støtter alle språk som er i praktisk bruk. Unicode blir utviklet av en privat organisasjon kalt Unicode Consortium.Organisasjonen ble stiftet i 1991 og utga i oktober dette året Unicode-standardversjon 1.0.0 med 7161 tegnkoder The Emoji Movie is a 2017 American computer-animated comedy film directed by Tony Leondis, written by Leondis, Eric Siegel and Mike White, produced by Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation and distributed by Sony Pictures Releasing.It is based on emoji faces, smileys and graphics used in electronic messages. The film stars the voices of T.J. Miller, James Corden, Anna Faris, Maya. A list of emoji for easy access with an extensive search functionality. Just click on an emoji to copy it to the clipboard and then paste it anywhere

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  1. Emojis may look different across platforms. Every web service, OS or gadgets' manufacturer may create Emojis design according to their own corporate style and vision. Here you can check out how Eye Emoji looks like on most popular platforms:
  2. Emojis er etterfølgerne til de tradisjonelle smilefjesene. Det er ulike bildetegn/tegninger vi bruker i e-poster og sms. Emojis ble utviklet av det japanske kommunikasjonsfirmaet NTT DoCoMo på 1990-tallet. Ordet emoji er satt sammen av E og moji, som e (bilde) og moji (tegn). Dette kan oversettes til norsk som bildebrev eller.
  3. Emojis may look different across platforms. Every web service, OS or gadgets' manufacturer may create Emojis design according to their own corporate style and vision. Here you can check out how ️ Check Mark Emoji looks like on most popular platforms
  4. Meaning of ☁️ Cloud Emoji. Cloud emoji is the picture of the middle-sized white or grayish ordinary Cloud — just the same that hides the ☀️ Sun in the ⛅ Sun Behind Cloud emoji. It is used as a symbol of cloudy days, a bit depressed mood, sunless countries, cities, and regions, and so on
  5. Full Emoji List, v13.1. Index & Help | Images & Rights | Spec | Proposing Additions. This chart provides a list of the Unicode emoji characters and sequences, with images from different vendors, CLDR name, date, source, and keywords

In April 1857, the National Telegraphic Review and Operators Guide wrote about the use of the number 73 in Morse code to mean love and kisses (later changed to best regards). A few years later, Dodge's Manual talked about a new way to show love and kisses, the number 88. A New York Times transcript of an 1862 speech given by Abraham Lincoln contains ;) (now known as a winky-face) The Emoji Movie is a movie from Sony Pictures about little faces used to text with called, emojis.Emojis are part of United States pop culture.The movie is about 3 emojis going on an epic adventure in a smartphone to save their universe from deletion Our new mobile-friendly web app provides a simple, beautiful emoji copy and paste keyboard interface WITH search and auto-copy technology This article is within the scope of WikiProject Internet culture, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of internet culture on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks. C This article has been rated as C-Class on the project's quality scale At present, Emoji functions not to replace the linguistic mode, but to complement it - the good old-fashioned English word is not going to be in danger any time soon.Emoji enables, arguably for the first time, a multimodal component to text-based digital communication, providing a code that fills out the communicative message in the linguistic mode, conveyed through text

In Wikipedia. Add links. This page was last edited on 6 February 2019, at 16:18. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the Creative Commons CC0 License; all unstructured text is available under the Creative Commons. Wikipedia . Wikimedia Commons has related media at: Category:Smilies. Some of the more common emoticons found on the internet. Common Emoticons Characters Expression and Icon :- All the best Logo emojis for free. Slackmojis is made by some random dude in Brooklyn. He doesn't work for Slack, isn't paid by Slack, he just thinks Slack is pretty cool

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Above: New emojis approved for release in 2020. Video: Emojipedia. Welcome additions include an emoji showing People Hugging which shows a greater sense of empathy than the previous excited-looking Hugging Face, a pinched finger gesture which is commonly referred to simply as Italian Hand Gesture.. Variations of existing emojis now approved for 2020 include a woman or gender-inclusive. Before emojis, there were emoticons, facial expressions made with punctuation marks. The first emoticons appeared in an issue of Puck magazine, all the way back in 1881 The Emoji Dictionary is the first crowdsourced Emoji resource on the web. Similar to Wikipedia, we rely on the community to share, build and define the Emoji that have so long remained shrouded in mystery. Click on an Emoji to learn its definition or add your own The Unicode Consortium P.O. Box 391476 Mountain View, CA 94039-1476 U.S.A. +1-408-401-891 More than half of the emojis sent are faces, followed by loving or romantic emojis and the hand gestures. The majority of the emojis used worldwide are positive. Top 5 most popular emoji categories worldwide: 1. Happy faces (including wink , kisses , face with heart-shaped eyes , smirk ) 2. Sad faces (including sad and angry emoji) 3

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De Emojis stammt ut Japan un sünd en sunnerliche Form vun Emoticons. Anners, as de annern Emoticons wiest de Emojis dat Smiley nich up'e Sieten dreiht. Biller as de Roos @}-,-'-,-- un de Fisch ><(((°> höört an un for sik nich to de Emoticons, vunwegen dat se keen Gesichter wiest Wikipedia is the encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Articles on Wikipedia are freely licensed and the app code is 100% open source. The heart and soul of Wikipedia is a community of people working to bring you unlimited access to free, reliable and neutral information. 2. No ads Wikipedia is a place to learn, not a place for advertising

This is a list of every Disney emoji currently in the game. 1 Silver Box Emojis 1.1 8-Bit 1.2 The Aristocats 1.3 Bambi 1.4 Dumbo Timothy Mouse 1.5 The Lion King 1.6 The Little Mermaid 1.7 Mickey and Friends 1.8 Monsters Inc. 1.9 One Hundred and One Dalmatians 1.10 Pinocchio 1.11 Winnie the Pooh.. How to Get Emoji on Android. This wikiHow will teach how to get emoji characters on your Android device, which depends on the version of Android you are running. Open the Settings menu for your Android. You can do this by tapping the.. Smiley face emojis virtually kick started the emoji revolution, with the classic white smiling face emoji laying the foundation for thousands of other symbols. Whether you want to or , smiley faces are some of the most versatile around, with literally hundreds of ways to express yourself. Go on, make someone today Japanese Emoticons, Kaomoji, Emoji, Dongers? 【・ヘ・?】 Select a category in the menu above to find the perfect Japanese emoticon. Or click below to access our master list of over 10,000 kaomoji, text faces, Twitch emoticons and dongers

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Emojis. 33 likes. Está página esta echa para fans y para todos los que quieran estar en mi pagina.. This is a list of English football (soccer) teams and the leagues they play in. . A-Z orde

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